Living With Diabetes: What Causes It & Why A Nutritionist Is Needed For A Diet Plan


Have you noticed that your wounds seem to take a long time to heal? If so, there is a possibility that you have diabetes, which requires prompt medical attention so you can get on a diet to stay healthy. Below, learn how people get diabetes, as well as why hiring a nutritionist is the best thing to do after being diagnosed.

What Can Cause Someone to Get Diabetes?

One of the causes of diabetes is from cells not responding to the insulin that you have in your body. It is vital for your body to use insulin the right way because it is needed for glucose. You need glucose because it is a natural sugar in your bloodstream from food. When you eat, the food breaks down into glucose and creates energy. The energy produced is then used for your metabolism to prevent you from feeling fatigue all of the time.

One of the other common causes of diabetes is from having high levels of glucose in the blood. The problem occurs because the glucose continues to accumulate from there being no insulin in your body or a low level of it. You must begin a custom diet after being diagnosed with diabetes, as eating certain foods may cause you to feel dehydrated. Dehydration can be fatal if it is severe enough.

Diabetes can also affect your health by causing heart and hearing problems. One of the common symptoms that people suffering from diabetes experience is blurred vision.

Why Should a Nutritionist Be Hired for Help Coping with Diabetes?

The key to coping with diabetes is to keep your metabolism at an exceptional level, which may involve you having to lose weight and getting fit. A nutritionist will be able to examine your overall health to come up with a fitness and diet plan that is customized to your specific health needs. For instance, the goal will be to lower your blood pressure if it is a problem, which can be done with the right diet. Expect to pay a minimum of $100 for a consultation with a nutritionist if you don't have insurance. Each additional visit with the specialist will cost more money.

Although diabetes can lead to major health problems, you can keep it under control with a healthy lifestyle. Consult with a nutritionist like Colorado Nutrition for Health Fitness & Performance to find out how he or she can help you keep your health on track!


11 March 2015

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