Maximize Your At-home Workout


If you have a hard time finding time in the day to make it to the gym, you're not alone. With personal fitness becoming increasingly popular, at-home workouts have been customized to meet the needs for just about every body type. If you are looking to make a habit of working out from home, there are a few tips and tricks you can implement into your daily routine to maximize the benefits of your at-home workout plan.

Set Your Parameters

As with any good habit, you need set guidelines to accomplish your intended goal. Working out from home is no different. Writing down goals makes the commitment seem more real. Sit down and set the parameters necessary to accomplish your goal. For example, consider outlining specific information for the following:

  1. Set your goal—Do you want to lose weight, inches or increase strength? Get specific!
  2. Set your workout schedule—If you just tell yourself, "I will work out after work or when I get finished with my to-do list," you are likely to find excuses to avoid getting your workout in that day. Instead, outline a clear-cut schedule of when and how long you will work out each day. Also, don't forget to plan out your specific workout. This can include finding virtual fitness classes or workout DVDs.
  3. Prepare your space—You need to have a designated space to workout in. Keep this space clean and cleared of clutter so you don't have anything standing in your way.

Get Motivated

Motivation can be a hard thing to hold onto, especially when the determination runs out. This can happen within the first week, or you may plateau in your desire a few weeks into your new healthy lifestyle. If you need help staying motivated, try a few of these helpful motivational moves:

  • Have a mantra—It's okay to remind yourself of your goals. It may sound silly to you to repeat motivational thoughts to yourself, but it works! Make up your own or find something online you can focus on when you are struggling to stay committed.
  • Visualize the future—Think about how your life will change should you stay on track with your fitness journey. Think of how great you will feel, how much better your clothes will fit and how much happier you'll be knowing you didn't quit.
  • Find a workout partner—Having someone else to lift you up when you are feeling weak is one of the best ways you can make it through your low points. Enlist a friend to be your cheerleader and vice versa.

Make Your Own Weights

Some fitness videos require small hand weights to complete a workout. Don't feel like you have to invest your latest paycheck in gym equipment. Instead, fill a water bottle with pennies to create a great hand weight. If you need something larger to replace a dumbbell, you can fill milk or water jugs with water and strap them together with tape or rubber bands. If you use your own homemade weights, be very careful when lifting them over your face or your head so you don't drop them on yourself.

Working out from home is a great way to get in shape without having to make a special trip to the gym. Get committed to your workout by setting goals. Stay committed by finding things that motivate you to push through the hard times. Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative when it comes to weight lifting. By implementing these simple steps into your workout routine, you will maximize the results from your at-home workout.


12 March 2015

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