Three Specific Goals To Address With Your Personal Trainer


Countless people visit gyms and hire personal trainers to help them achieve goals such as losing weight and gaining muscle. If you've been content with your ability to address these two common fitness-related needs, there can still be room for a personal trainer in your life. Given the vast knowledge of these athletic experts, it can be highly useful to partner with a trainer to tackle specific goals that you might have trouble achieving on your own. Interested in taking a deeper look at your physical fitness? Here are three areas that a personal trainer can help.

Muscle Symmetry

Muscle symmetry isn't a term that the average fitness enthusiast typically throws around, but understanding this term and knowing how to achieve it can improve your fitness and make you less susceptible to injuries. Muscle symmetry relates to building your muscle groups evenly to ensure that your body is in balance. Failing to be in balance can lead to one muscle group overcompensating for another, which can lead to an injury. This is where a personal trainer comes in. He or she possesses an acute awareness of human anatomy and how muscle groups relate to one another. Your trainer can develop a fitness regimen for you that ensures you're building all your muscles at an equal rate to achieve muscle symmetry.


If you're an athlete, being explosive in your chosen sport is vital to your success. Whether it's a quick first step in basketball or the ability to toss your body into the air in figure skating, you can work with a personal trainer to perform specific exercises that will improve your explosiveness. Addressing this area typically means taking a step away from your standard gym routine of cardio and traditional weight training. Instead, your personal trainer will introduce you to the world of plyometics. You'll get coached through dumbbell snatches, box jumps, complex lunges and more.

New Ways To Challenge Your Muscles

Personal trainers are skilled at breathing new life into your workouts. If you've reached a point that you want to try something different but aren't sure what, joining forces with a trainer can introduce you to challenging, new ways to bolster your fitness in a controlled, safe manner. By understanding your fitness goals, the trainer can guide you through activities that will challenge you. For muscle toning, you might get a shot at rock climbing on the wall at the gym; for increased cardio endurance, the trainer could lead you in a boxing or kickboxing workout.

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11 December 2015

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