Best Beginner Fitness Classes For Pregnant Women


Though many women may not think so, it's possible to maintain or increase your fitness level even though you're expecting a child. If you've had a low activity level prior to pregnancy, you might be wary of beginning a fitness regimen. However, exercise is beneficial for both mother and baby during pregnancy, so here are some classes you can attend without having to worry about attempting anything too intense. 

1. Water aerobics.

Swimming helps pregnant women because it removes some of the weight of your growing belly, allowing your joints and muscles some relief from the rigors of carrying a child. You can participate in water aerobics, which provides the benefits of the weightlessness while still getting your heart rate up. Be sure to wear a supportive sports bra under your swimsuit to minimize stretching of the supportive breast tissue. Water-based exercise is the best option for women who have joint and lower back pain during pregnancy. 

2. Zumba and other dance classes.

If you're feeling energized (typically during the second trimester), try a low-impact Zumba or active dance class. While you may feel cumbersome with your belly, dance can raise your heart rate, keep your muscles engaged, and help with feelings of depression as feel-good endorphins are released as your move to high-energy, upbeat songs. Let your dance instructor know you are pregnant; they should be able to provide modifications for moves that are too intense for pregnancy. For example, jumps and fast spins could cause you to fall and injure yourself. 

3. Stretching and resistance. 

Unless you're used to lifting heavy weights, you should save intense weight training until after delivery. However, some moderate, consistent weight lifting and stretching can really help to preserve your strength and flexibility. Consider attending a class especially for pregnant women. If you don't have one, attend a class that emphasizes toning and and had a long cool-down session after the workout. Some highlighted exercises that are especially beneficial are

  • squats. These will help you maintain back and abdominal tone, while helping you prepare for the rigors of vaginal delivery.
  • bicep curls and tricep dips. Your arms can get very sore after delivery as you get used to holding a baby and lugging a carseat. Some preliminary strength building can help.
  • upper back fly. Upper back pain is a reality for many breastfeeding moms as they adapt to bending over a feeding baby. Increased back strength will help with this pain. 

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24 August 2016

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