Exercise Classes You Might Want To Try When You're Sedentary And Want To Get In Better Shape


Regular exercise is important for your health and longevity. However, it's often hard to get motivated when you're always tired or stressed out from work and a busy life. Plus, if you have a sedentary job and you aren't very active around the home, you may be out of shape and feel intimated by exercise. A good solution could be to take an exercise class geared toward your fitness level that you enjoy and that holds you accountable for showing up each session. Here are some types of exercise classes you might enjoy as a sedentary person trying to get back in shape:

Beginning Aerobics Classes

When you first start exercising, start with beginner classes. No matter what your age, you don't want to do too much too fast or you might injure yourself and then be unable to exercise at all. Fitness centers usually have classes of all levels so you can be with other beginners and not worry about not being able to keep up. Aerobic classes can improve your cardiovascular system and increase your stamina. You might enjoy a dance exercise class, step aerobics, or cycling.

Water Fitness Classes

Exercising in water is ideal for beginners because working out in water reduces your risk of injury since the water supports your weight. Your muscles will still get a good workout, but the water makes exercise gentle on your joints and bones. Water exercise can be both muscle strengthening and aerobic workouts. You can exercise all parts of your body while enjoying being in a pool. When the class is over, you may even be able to swim laps for an even better and longer workout.

Yoga Classes

Yoga may not seem like exercise, but it can be challenging to learn and master different poses. Start with a beginning class so you get extra help learning poses correctly. Yoga helps improve your balance, stretches your body, and strengthens your muscles. Plus, it can be a soothing form of exercise that helps you relax and feel less pressured about keeping up with the class.


Calisthenics is classic style of exercise that builds strength and muscles. These exercises use your own body weight to get you in shape. Doing these in a class setting ensures you learn proper form so you don't hurt your back when doing exercises such as push-ups or sit-ups. There are many exercises you can learn that target specific areas of your body. You don't have to worry about calisthenics making your muscles bulky, they'll just improve your shape, posture, and strength, and once you learn how to do them, you can continue the exercises at home without the need for special equipment so you can stay in shape even after the classes end.


8 November 2019

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