Want To Have A Healthier Body? Here Are 3 Routine Full-Body Exercises To Try


Starting a regular workout routine is an excellent decision if you want to stay fit and healthy. However, it's common to get confused on where to start, especially if you want to do exercises that will benefit the whole body. For an entire-body workout to be termed as perfect, it needs to meet certain criteria. First, it should be simple to learn and it should target various groups of body muscles. Also, the workout gets extra credit if you can carry it out without needing some fancy gym equipment.

Here are three full-body exercises that will help you work out.

Try Getting Up the Turkish-Style

The getup exercise is a simple exercise that will help you tone several muscle groups in your body at a go. Your aim when engaging in this exercise is to stand up when lying horizontally and then stand upright while holding a kettlebell on one arm above the head. To accomplish the workout, choose a suitable kettlebell or dumbbell. Lie on one side and spread the arm holding the weight. Try to wake up using the free hand and your two legs.

The simple moves or getups target almost all the body muscles. The change between lying horizontally, kneeling down and standing up creates a special emphasis on the core and stabilizes your glutes and shoulder muscles.

Learn How to Do the Squat-Thrust

The amazing thing about squat-thrusts or burpees is that you do not need any fancy equipment for them. The workout exercise purely relies on your body weight. This form of full body exercise is simple; you start in an upright position and then squat and put your hands on the mat or floor. From that position, kick your legs out from behind and perform a push up. After that, get your feet back to a squat and then stand up, kicking your hands overhead. The squat-thrust targets the muscles in your calves, glutes, buttocks, core, and arms.

Try Slamming a Medicine Ball

The third easy full-body workout is slamming a weighted ball using both your arms. You pick up the ball, raise it over the head, and swing both arms down as you release the ball. The exercise is a great workout for your legs, hands and core muscles. You can carry it out at a quiet corner of the gym to avoid disrupting people with the noise.

These are simple and effective full-body exercises for all the clusters of muscles in your body. Most people like them because they involve simple yet effective moves. If you want to get significant results from these exercises, ensure you do them repetitively.


19 January 2021

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