4 Amazing Benefits Of Exercise Classes For Seniors


Are you worried about fitness levels in your golden years? Physical exercises are the best guarantee of retaining good physical health in old age. No one is ever too old to exercise. A good fitness program will build up your fitness levels gradually, even as a fresh beginner. Signing up for group exercise classes is an even better proposition because of the social and emotional connections you make. As a senior, you have very good reasons to attend exercise and fitness classes:

1. Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Seniors are at a higher risk of failing cardiovascular function because of leading a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, physical inactivity further leads to weight problems because you take in more calories than you burn.

Cardiovascular fitness programs improve your heart function and improve your ability to take in higher oxygen levels from improved breathing. Cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, biking, and aerobics raise your heartbeat and increase your metabolic rate. They strengthen your heart and help you manage weight by burning off excess calories. Even simple exercises like brisk walking are very helpful for cardiovascular fitness for seniors.

2. Stronger Joints and Better Balance

It is not uncommon for seniors to complain about joint aches and stiffness. Neck stiffness and lower back aches are especially big problems. There is also a gradual loss of mobility and balance. The problem is compounded by the loss of bone density, which makes one vulnerable to broken bones after a fall.

Exercise classes help retain muscle mass and bone density. For example, aerobics are very useful in expanding your range of motion. At the same time, weight training helps retain your muscle mass and bone density. These exercises also help retain your balance, which is crucial in avoiding life-threatening falls.

3. Better Weight Management

Gaining weight is easy for many people, but losing it is difficult for some seniors because of the gradual loss of muscle mass. You cannot burn calories fast enough, which brings the risk of weight gain. 

Exercise classes can be very helpful in weight management. Coupled with a proper diet,  you can maintain a favorable Body Mass Index (BMI) and avoid weight-related problems.

4. Psychosocial Stability

Group fitness programs are perfect for maintaining social contact with other people, which is crucial for emotional stability and proper mental health. You meet new people and form friendships. This companionship reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness. You develop a more positive outlook and enjoy your golden years better.

Would you like to achieve better fitness levels? Talk to a fitness instructor about exercise classes suitable for your physical condition.


20 September 2021

Learning About The Benefits Of Exercise

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