Using A Rebounder To Supplement Jogging Routines


Jogging keeps you fit, active, and gets you outside to enjoy the fresh air. But no form of exercise meets every need, and there will always be times when going for a jog isn't possible. What should you do when your joints ache or the rain begins to pour? You may want to explore the world of rebounder trampolines. 

What is rebounding? This form of cardiovascular training uses trampolines for low-impact but high-intensity exercise. It can be performed on full-sized equipment in professional facilities or on miniature trampolines kept at home. There are a wide variety of workout routines used, varying in their level of difficulty. If you love to jog but don't always find the time, rebounding may help supplement your normal fitness routine. 

Avoiding Strain Injuries

Running down pavement or a bumpy trail strengthens your lungs and muscles, but it also jolts your joints and bones. Without adequate time to recover, stress injuries soon develop. In fact, an estimated 50 percent of frequent runners sustain an injury every year. 

Rebounding gives your body a break from the rigors of the road without sacrificing your workouts. The natural flex of a trampoline absorbs most of the force as you jog or jump, taking significant strain off your joints. By integrating rebounder workouts between jogging sessions, you may spare yourself a lasting injury. 

Working Different Muscles

Jogging is one of the first exercises most new rebounder owners learn to perform safely. But as you grow more confident, you can branch out into advanced forms like bounces, squats, weights, and knee lifts. Trampolining works your abdominal core, back muscles, glutes, and nearly any other muscle you want to target. It also promotes a stronger sense of balance and rhythm, which assists with jogging as well.  

Dodging Bad Weather

A few brave souls will go for a run even in a blizzard. Of course, not everyone wants to risk a thunderstorm for their workout. A home-sized rebounder is small enough to store neatly while offering indoor exercise whenever you need it. 

Fitting Into Busy Schedules

If you contend with the demands of a family, work, and running a household, you might not always have time to dedicate to a full jog. Trail running in particular often requires driving to your destination and committing to a longer workout. For busy days, rebounding gives more convenient, bite-sized workouts you can perform between other tasks. In all these ways, jogging and rebounding can complement each other to maintain your fitness despite life's obstacles. 

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29 July 2022

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