Tips For Adding Strength Training To Your Daily Workout


If your daily workout has become stale and you have decided to mix things up by adding strength training, then these tips will help you get started:

Tip: Start Slowly with Just a Few Simple Weights

You may want to rush the process and massively build your muscle strength in a short amount of time, but adding too much weight at once can be dangerous. For example, if you lift weights that are too heavy for your current fitness level or strain your muscles too hard, then you will tear a muscle or otherwise injure yourself. 

To avoid unnecessary injuries, go slowly when you start your strength training program. Additionally, don't go out and waste a bunch of money on expensive weight sets or other equipment. Instead, purchase a couple of hand weights and ankle weights. When you need more weight, then purchase a few more. This strategy will ensure you only purchase the equipment you need and will regularly use.

Tip: Alternate Body Sections on Different Days

One key to building muscle mass is understanding the mechanism behind it. When you work your muscles, the small fibers tear apart. When you are at rest, the muscle fibers repair and rebuild themselves. For this reason, you should always work out different areas of your body on different days to allow your muscles time to heal between workouts.

For example, you can add arm weights to your workout on Monday, and leg weights on Tuesday. By alternating days, you will ensure your muscles have time to properly heal before you work them again.

Tip: Start with Less Weight than You Think You Need

One of the biggest mistakes people new to strength training make is to start their workouts using too much weight. If you have never run with leg weights, then starting with a one or two-pound weight is entirely appropriate. Using heavier weights too soon will result in muscle fatigue and injuries.

Tip: Enlist the Assistance of a Certified Personal Trainer

In conclusion, if you want to add strength training to your daily workouts but are concerned about injuring yourself because you do not know the proper techniques, you should strongly consider enlisting the help of a certified personal trainer. In just a few sessions, a personal trainer will help you develop the strength training program that best meets your exercise goals and will teach you each necessary technique.


4 July 2018

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